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While sculpting his statue of David, Michelangelo was once asked “How do you know what to cut away?” The great artist’s answered “I simply chip away anything that doesn’t look like David.”

Ideas rarely come into the world fully formed.To determine what something is, we must first determine what it is not. Ideas are conceived, changed, amended, redesigned, or scrapped altogether. But as any creative person knows, an idea scrapped is not an idea lost - it is simply part of the evolution of that idea. Ideas that make history are built on a succession of crumpled papers. With every piece of crumpled paper, our ideas grow better, bigger and grander.

This spirit of trial and error serves as the inspiration for Original Narrative - an annual, non-profit international student film festival initiated & hosted by MBRSC and AUD in Dubai. It aims to celebrate this inexhaustible process of creativity and learning, honoring not only the original narrative, but the endless efforts invested in reaching that the final idea. Original Narrative aims to inspire, recognize and reward the up-and-coming filmmakers of tomorrow, showcasing students’ short films and screenplays from the region and the world beyond, and providing a much-needed hub for students to network with peers and established industry professionals.