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  • Zeina Daccache
    Zeina Daccache
    Drama Therapist, Film and Play Director.
    Zeina produced the pioneering artistic production “12 Angry Lebanese” with inmates of Roumieh Prison in 2009. This pioneering production as well as the documentary that emerged from the process received international acclaim (8 Awards) and led to the implementation of Law 463 in 2009 (the reduction of sentences for good behavior). In 2013, she created the play “Scheherazade in Baabda”, with women inmates of Baabda prison where they shared their personal stories in an attempt to heal their wounds and hold up a mirror to Lebanese society about the oppression of women. Her 2nd feature documentary “Scheherazade’s Diary” wins 10 international awards.

    Zeina’s Filmography include:

    - Johar – the documentary (in process),
    - Scheherazade’s Diary (10 times award-winning documentary) 2013
    - 12 Angry Lebanese – the documentary (8 times award-winning documentary) 2009
    - Any, 2007, a short-documentary about women residing in the South of Lebanon after the July War 06.
  • Kaveh Farnam
    Kaveh Farnam
    Producer, CEO of Dubai based Advanced Media and a film enthusiast
    Kaveh Farnam is a producer, CEO of Dubai based Advanced Media and a film enthusiast. His passion for cinema took him to Czech Republic where he founded Europe Media Nest with the mission to produce films, support young talented and independent film makers, and sponsor film festivals and the events that would shed a light on the real and true image of current Iran.

    He co-produced "A MAN OF INTEGRITY" directed by Rasoulof, winner of Un Certain Regard, Cannes film festival 2017, "A VERY ORDINARY CITIZEN" (2015), awarded the Sepanta award at the IFF San Francisco,"LIKE MY NAME PEGAH" (2018), directed by Soudabeh Beizaee , awarded as the best documentary of the year by Iran Cinema House and "LEAKAGE" (2018) directed by Suzan Iravanian, introduced at this year's Karlovy Vary International Film Festival in a Works in Progress section.
  • Betty Taoutel
    Betty Taoutel
    TV, theater, and cinema actress as well as theater writer and director
    Betty is a TV, theater, and cinema actress as well as theater writer and director who has chosen her passion as a career. She holds a diploma in theater studies, a master's degree in drama and writing, and a diploma in theater studies from Saint Joseph University in Beirut. She has been a professor at Saint Joseph University since 1999, and at the Lebanese University Faculty of Fine Arts since 2016. She was also a theater professor and a member of the jury in Star Academy Arab program (2004 to 2016).
    She participated as a jury member and guest of honor in several international film and theatrical festivals. She has also participated in a number of Lebanese series and short and feature films.
    She wrote and directed a large number of plays that were very popular and successful, most notably: "La Dernière maison de Gemayzé" (2010), "Un Mercredi En Pleine Semaine" (2012-2013), "Passeport Numéro 10452" (the play was presented in Arabic and French languages in 2013 Arab Film Festival in Montreal, in Lebanon from 2014 to 2016, Greece 2015, South Africa 2016, and France 2019), "Lieu De Crime" 2015, "Freezer" (This play was presented in Lebanon from 2017 to 2019 , and will tour abroad from February 2020), and the new play "Couloir El Faraj" will soon see the light.
    Betty is always inspired in her plays by the political and social events happening around her. In 2018, she won “Murex d’Or” for all her theatrical works.
  • Rami Yasin
    Rami Yasin
    An award-winning director and producer
    Rami Yasin is an award-winning director and producer with over 19 years’ experience in film production spanning the Middle East, Europe, Asia, Africa and Canada.
    After 9 successful years in advertising, Rami decided to follow his passion of filmmaking. He joined the leading film production company Filmworks in 2001 where he became partner and head of production. During this time, he worked on the first American Studio films to shoot in the UAE, Syriana and The Kingdom.
    Rami joined Image Nation Abu Dhabi as head of production in 2010 and produced their first Arabic feature film, Sea Shadow. Following that, he moved to the independent cinema world and went on to produce 8 feature films, amongst them the multi award winning When I Saw You, and ground-breaking films like Zinzana, The Worthy, and Rashid & Rajab. His films were selected to participate in top international film festivals including Toronto International Film Festival, London International Film Festival, Palm Springs International Film Festival and Fantastic Fest.
    Rami’s directorial debut, the award-winning short film In Overtime was selected by the Venice International Film Festival for its world premiere. He just completed filming his feature film directorial debut, a horror drama set in Egypt which he wrote, produced and directed and that is set for release in summer 2020.