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  • Sophie Boutros
    Sophie Boutros
    Festival Chair and Director
    Coming from a family of music professionals, Sophie found her way to directing music videos for A-list Arab singers years ago. Sophie took her storytelling career to a new level when she co-wrote and directed her first feature film "Mahbas", successfully released in Lebanese and Arab theaters in spring 2017 and through festivals around the world. Inspiring and working closely with students at the MBRSC is what she enjoys best.
  • Ines Braga
    Ines Braga
    Festival Producer
    Ines is an accomplished screenwriter represented by leading agency Independent Talent, London. Her credits include the two-part feature length drama "Alice" (broadcast 2010/2011), commissioned by HBO Latin America, directed by Sérgio Machado and Karim Ainouz.

    She has advised and assessed several industry scripts and has worked as Screenwriting Tutor/Guest Lecturer at a number of schools such as EICTV Cuba, London Film School, Met Film School and American University in Dubai.
  • Dina Faour
    Dina Faour
    Branding Director
    It was after over a decade of serving in the industry when Dina made the switch to academia as Assistant Professor of Visual Communication at the American University in Dubai. Soon after her academic debut, Dina was appointed as Academic Coordinator for the whole advertising major. A passionate ad woman at heart, Dina could not stay too far from the industry. Today, she curates the #Brandvertising Series, to compliment the coursework and to allow for direct engagement with leading industry professionals, "keeping things real". Dina is a member of the Board of Directors for the IAA UAE (International Advertising Association, UAE chapter). Dina also serves on several communal initiatives: Vice President of the Middle East Design Educators Association and Founder of the Shesay, Dubai group. Dina played a key role in the naming of AUD as University of the Year at the Dubai Lynx (2015, 2017), thanks to the excellence of student work. Dina was awarded for Excellence in Teaching (2014) by the President of the university and for Professional Engagement (2015, 2016) by the Provost of the AUD. Dina is now a full Professor of Advertising, the Outreach Coordinator for the department and the Academic Coordinator for Advertising as well as Graphic Design majors. Today, Dina continues to breed award-winning advertising professionals, her #adbeasts, who prove that passion is infectious, every single day.
  • Enas Qaddourah
    Enas Qaddourah
    Programmer/Media Relations
    Before joining AUD as the Media Coordinator of the Mohammed Bin Rashid School for Communication, Enas was part of its student body where she graduated with honors (Magna Cum Laude) with a BCIS degree.
    Enas pursued M.A in LICM where she has developed a new mindset, in line with future trends. Learning the strategies of leadership helped Enas manage her personal & professional relations in a better and more creative way. Also, the degree helped Enas find ways to integrate traditional media with the new online platforms through new trends in content consumption, skills that enrich her experience while working at MBRSC.
    Enas's interests lie in presenting and acting. She is a social, reliable, and responsible person with a passion for knowing about everything happening around her, which is why she defines herself as a "Journalist".
  • Roozbeh Kafi
    Roozbeh Kafi
    Inspired by his older brother, Roozbeh earned his BA in filmmaking from Sooreh University in Tehran. He has made films in 5 countries which brought him a number of international awards. After completing his MFA, he set off his academic career in Amman, where he launched the first MFA documentary film program in the Middle East at RSICA. Roozbeh is currently Assistant Professor of Digital Production and Storytelling at American University in Dubai.
  • Fadi Haddad
    Fadi Haddad
    Through a diverse experience across the filmmaking field since 2010, Fadi has worked as a creative producer, script consultant, screenwriter, director and editor for several short and feature films. His award-winning debut feature film as a writer/director, When Monaliza Smiled (2012), was presented in international film festivals around the world, commercial cinemas and Arab televisions. Fadi joined the MBRSC at AUD in 2012, and has been teaching courses on screenwriting and directing for film and TV. Besides pursuing his filmmaking career, Fadi's scholarly research focuses on Arabic television series' screenplays and screenwriting practices in relation to national and cultural identity, combining analyses on texts, production and reception.
  • Elissa Ayoub
    Elissa Ayoub
    Elissa Ayoub is a Lebanese filmmaker and academician living in Dubai since 2012. Through her work, Elissa examines stories pertinent to the Middle East region, specifically the theme of gender equality and family dynamics.
  • Sumaya Kubeisy
    Sumaya Kubeisy
    Sumaya is a faculty member at MBRSC. She developed new courses on Documentary Filmmaking, Film Analysis and TV Shows.

    Prior to joining AUD, Sumaya was involved in the re-launch of Dubai TV in 2003.
    She was part of the core team that established the Future TV platform in Lebanon in 1992 where she was Head of the Production Department. Concurrently, she was a Communication Arts professor at the Lebanese American University in Beirut.
    Sumaya spent one year at MBC in London where she established and produced a daily two-hour morning show, "Sabah el Kheir Ya Arab", still running till today.
  • Hadia El Gawish
    Hadia El Gawish
    Festival Coordinator
    Hadia is an alumna of MBRSC who majored in Digital Production and Storytelling and graduated with honors.

    She has a strong passion for documentaries and is mostly interested in social topics specifically related to women, which pushed her to create films shedding the light on female issues in the Arab world. Hadia aims at documenting the voices of the unheard, the many afraid to speak, and the ones placed within social constraints.